elecro magnetic fields

11   /   06   /   2023

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) generates from high voltage lines, mobile base stations, mobile phones, AMS and wireless equipment in general.

High frequency radiation and low frequency fields have different characteristics and require completely different measures to reduce the fields.

High frequency radiation can be stopped or damped greatly by various shielding materials.Such materials can be used to reduce radiation coming from outside of the building.

Low-frequency electric fields can be removed or reduced by placing an electrically conductive material around the wires or the source causing the field and connect this to the ground. Practically, this means that common wires are replaced with shielded wires where the display is connected to the ground, e.g. in a grounded contact.

Both magnetic and electric low frequency fields can be significantly reduced by thoroughly technical solutions, i.e. electrical equipment and cables that are designed and installed to minimize the fields. In new buildings this can be done by planning and carrying out the electrical system with an awareness to lower electromagnetic fields in the home. Reducing fields in an older housing can lead to extensive rehabilitation of the electrical plant.



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