11   /   06   /   2023

Efforts to reduce energy consumption are often at the expense of a good indoor climate - through polluted material use, dense layers and mechanical ventilation systems. Swedish studies have shown mechanically balanced ventilation systems to pose a health threat by increasing the risk of asthma and allergies.


Natural ventilation means that the house is vented through simple wall valves or opening windows, and the exhaust air is passed through the duct above the roof where the driving force produces a "pipe effect." This ensures a smooth and quiet, simple, self-functioning ventilation that can be controlled by the inhabitants requirements. User-controlled and robust solution regulate ventilation in relation to needs, season and preferences. The natural ventilation system releases fresh air directly into the house, avoiding indoor climate cells as long ventilation pipes can form.

A living building will take use of natural ventilation. Wall valves and windows are opened and closed manually, as required. Ventilation takes place in separate canals, thanks to wind turbines and "piping effect". The result is a simple, no-frills, breathable house where ventilation takes place quietly.


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