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The composition of the materials function constitutes the buildings hygroscopic and thermal capacity. This means that an optimal composition of materials will keep the building warm in the winter and chill during the summer, as well as prevent problems due to moist. Living buildings use mainly wooden materials, but materials with additional properties should be integrated as supplement function. The living building takes use of natural, healthy and environmentally friendly products for surface treatment. Maintenance-free components are required. Potentially hazardous emissions in the buildings indoor environment shall be eliminated to the utmost. Both exterior and interior products implemented in the building should be healthy and breathable, and not emit any toxic fumes. The conventional surface treatment contains a wide range of ingredients that causes health and environmental issues. The living building favor natural and healthy alternatives requiring little maintenance and opt out of such products.


The construction industry is responsible for a large part of the overall greenhouse gas emissions, and has to a limit extent integrated the aspect of ecological footprints (cradle to grave) of the materials. The living building solution emphasized this issue by using renewable resources, life cycle assessments in the choice of solutions and avoiding materials that cannot be reused.


Conventional structures are air-tight by mounting a plastic vapor barrier inside the insulation. We believe this is a completely wrong strategy. A "breathable" wall construction achieves a safe indoor climate and a durable construction.


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