11   /   06   /   2023

The use of wood is considered a non-polluting building material. Wood binds CO2 in its growth process and is completely biodegradable. Wood is a excellent material in optimising indoor climate and in a living building wood would be incorperated as the main building material. This because of it´s ability to store and release moist and heat, hence keep the indoor climate in a natural balance. Moisture is emitted when the room is too dry and stored when the humidity is high. This ensures that the humidity is maintained at an optimal level (40-60%). This reduce the problems associated with fungi, mites, dry mucous membranes and dust formation. Houses built of wood will save CO2, while houses built of concrete, plastic, aluminum, etc. will cause large CO2 emissions in production. The use of wood makes a dramatic difference for the house's climate-effect, measured against houses built of industrial products. In today's energy-efficient buildings, greenhouse gas emissions related to production account for about 50% of the total emissions of the building in a lifetime perspective.


Wood is a traditional material, which in addition to it´s environmental benefits, has important aesthetic qualities. In future-oriented and sustainable architecture, the use of wooden materials is the natural choice.


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