TEK17   /   PAR 14   /   MÅL 2020

The living building concept aims to build environmentally friendly buildings, with a healthy and safe indoor climate. To achieve this, both external and indoor environment and energy are emphasized in a comprehensive building concept. The strategy is to obtain a synergy, a building based on a cycle principle. The house is built of emission-free, natural materials - mainly wood- and take use of a breathing (diffusion open) construction and natural ventilation. To maintain the indoor climate, the natural properties of the tree helps regulate temperature and humidity. Furthermore, surface treatment is used that emits minimally harmful emissions and preserves the moisture control properties of the tree. The living building aims to develop completely climate-neutral buildings, cradle to grave. Climate emissions associated with producing the house, as well as energy consumption in the operating phase and the biodegradable aspect are taken into account.

Conventional structures are air-tight by mounting a plastic vapor barrier inside the insulation. Many factors and studies indicates this is a completely wrong strategy. It is shown to cause problems with moist and serve as a excellent coast for pests, also they cause a health risk due to astma and allergies. A building needs fresh air! With the use of natural, healthy materials and "breathable" wall construction, both a healthy indoor climate and a sturdy, durable construction are achieved.


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